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Streamflow Fly Design and Guide Service

         Covering water in Central New York and the Southern Tier

Welcome to Streamflow


We offer guided day trips for a numerous fish species in Central New York. From freestone browns to river carp, we cater to what you are looking for and what is "on". There is always something, so go with the flow!

The Hook-Up
Winter 2018
We have been seeing good numbers of dropback salmon in the lakes, though many have lamprey marks or lampreys on them. We've also been catching good numbers of brown trout and lake trout from shore when conditions are right.
Ithaca Fishing Day, put on by our local Leon Chandler chapter of Trout Unlimited is coming up on Saturday, March 24th. I'll have a table set up and will be tying flies along with having a good inventory of streamers and bucktail jigs to sell. As always, i'll be donating a full-dress atlantic salmon fly in a shadowbox for the large raffle. Swing by!
My wife and I welcomed our first child into our lives back in the fall! It's been awesome to see the little guy grow and develop this pasr winter, though a side effect of that is slightly less availability for me to guide and fill fly orders. If you are interested in either, let me know early rather than later what you are looking for! I'm doing my best filling fly orders in a timely manner.
This spring should shape up to be a good one. Water levels were much better last year than 2016, and streams have bounced back pretty well.
April-June it's trout and bass
July-October it's bass and carp
October-January it's trout and salmon
Stay tight!
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